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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I see a therapist or a psychologist?

If you simply need someone to talk to, someone who will listen and advise you, you should go to see a therapist. These people are professionals and have a perfect insight that will help you solve your issues. They are dynamic and full of helpful and interesting ideas that will help you deal with your problems. A therapist is here to help.

Do you need a PhD to be a psychologist?

By definition, a "psychologist" is a doctor of psychology. Yes, you do need to have a PhD which is a doctorate degree, to be a psychologist. But, you can be a counsellor or a therapist with a masters degree. Many "psychotherapists" have an MSW or master of social work degree.

Can I go to a psychiatrist instead of a psychologist?

This means that a psychiatrist is a doctor, to which you can come for psychological problems. The most important difference compared to a psychologist is that a psychiatrist is allowed to prescribe medication, and has not had as much communication technique training as a psychologist. So a psychiatrist may prescribe medication and will more quickly use medication as treatment than a psychologist will.

Is a psychologist and a therapist the same thing?

A therapist and psychologist may differ in the degrees they received in college. A therapist can be a psychologist, psychiatrist, or counselor, but a psychologist is an exclusive psychologist but can also counsel and do other responsibilities. A therapist who is a psychiatrist can administer medications but a psychologist cannot.

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