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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Providence of God Church in Chicago?

Providence of God Church is located at the address 717 W 18th St in Chicago, Illinois 60616.

Is Providence in the Bible?

When you look at the Greek word for providence (pronoia) in the Bible, it is also translated as provision in Romans 13:14. This passage uses it as part of an admonition not to make provision for lustful desires of the flesh because there is much work to be done for the Lord.

What is Providence group?

The Providence Group is a Calgary based, multi-family development company, with an inner city focus in creating boutique communities. Providence has an experienced management team with a solid track record of delivering high quality and distinctive multi-family residential projects.

What is the Providence Center?

Providence Center is a leading non-profit supporting adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Anne Arundel County. We are committed to supporting people within their community and helping them advocate for the lives they want.

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