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Frequently Asked Questions

Who will get the second automatic promotion place in the Premier League?

The second automatic promotion place will either go to West Brom, who have spent 12 seasons in the Premier League, or Brentford, who would become the 50th club in the competition's history.

Is the 2019-2020 Premier League season over?

The 2019-2020 Premier League season is nearly over, and while Liverpool clinched the title weeks ago after a dominant campaign, there’s plenty left to play for among teams chasing Champions League places and those at the bottom of the standings hoping to avoid relegation.

Is Leeds United getting back to the Premier League?

In Leeds United’s years in the wilderness, the support it has received has been focused on one thing: seeing the club return to the Premier League, its promised land. “Getting back has become a bit of an obsession,” McVeigh said.

Is Fulham in the race for promotion to the Premier League?

Third through sixth in the Championship will contest the playoffs for the third promotion spot to the Premier League. Third-place Fulham will learn a lot about whether it’s in the race for automatic promotion or just a playoff probability within one week’s time.

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