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Frequently Asked Questions

What to wear under a Snape coat?

Snape has a bit of a gothic or steampunk vibe, so some of the coats also have that same feel. I recommend that you wear a black shirt or turtleneck under the coat, and you can also add a cape (I have capes listed further below). Each link has a different selection of coats.

What do you need for a Snape costume?

From his hair, wand, and Dark Mark tattoo to his Professor costume, Boggart costume, and accessories, there are all the items you need for a Snape costume! Snape’s hair is described as long, black, and greasy in the books.

Are there any hats like the one that Snape wore?

There are no hats that look exactly like the one worn by Snape in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban but there are vulture hats that are silly enough to work for this costume. The Snape Boggart wore a fox fur around his neck because that's what Neville's grandmother wore.

What did Severus Snape look like?

Snape was often seen wearing a dark gray, long sleeved, button up coat with matching pants. When paired up with a cape he resembled a bat, and many people thought Snape was a vampire because of this, but the vampire aspects of Snape was just one of the many red herrings that J.K. Rowling included in the series.

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