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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the power management in surface OS?

The way Surface implements power management differs significantly from the earlier OS standard that gradually reduces and turns off power via a series of sleep states; for example, cycling through S1, S2, S3, and so on.

What is sursurface power management?

Surface is designed for a streamlined power management experience that eliminates the need to create custom power plans or manually configure power settings. Microsoft streamlines the user experience by delivering a single power plan (balanced) that replaces the multiple power plans from standard Windows builds.

How do I manage the power profile of my Surface devices?

If you must manage the power profile of devices across your network (such as in highly managed organizations), use the powercfg command tool to export the power plan from the factory image of the Surface device and then import it into the provisioning package for your Surface devices.

How to unlock all available power plans and advanced settings in surface?

Those advanced settings are hidden and intelligently managed by Surface. However, if you want to unlock those advanced options, you can do that by following the instruction below: In order to unlock all available power plans and advanced settings, you need to disable connected standby via Registry Editor.

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