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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current gold to silver ratio?

In recent decades, the gold to silver ratio has varied anywhere from around 30 to 1 to over 90 to 1. Currently, the gold silver ratio is around 87 to 1. Many investors will target a certain ratio based on what they believe the true value of gold or silver to be.

Is KITCO a reputable company?

Kitco has not been formally charged with anything. As Jeff says, “Kitco has been a highly respected and reputable precious metals dealer for decades in Canada and it is highly, highly unlikely that they have done anything improper.” The allegations, as I understand them, apparently centre on supposed sales tax evasion.

Where is the best place to buy gold?

Best Places To Buy Gold Online. #1 – JMBullion – Top Place to buy physical gold & silver online. #2 – APMEX – The nation’s largest and most active gold & silver dealers. #3 – BullionVault – Top choice to buy and trade gold online. #4 – Ebay – From trusted sellers only. Great way to get current ‘in your hands’ prices.

What is real silver price?

Technically, LBMA Silver above $24.00 level could see $25.10- $25.44 levels. Support is at $23.20-$22.70 levels. Domestic silver prices could start flat this Tuesday morning, tracking overseas prices. Technically, MCX Silver December above Rs 65,000 level could see Rs 65,600-66,100 levels.

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