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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prepositions of place?

Ejemplo: The table is below the clock.(La mesa está por debajo del reloj, en la misma pared.) Prepositions of place are used to show where something is located and they are always found after the principal verb, regardless of the verb tense. These prepositions are most often used with the verb “to be”.

What are some examples of prepositions of Lugar?

Algunas preposiciones de lugar son: between, under, on, in, near. I'm standing near the door. My sister is sitting next to me. The pen is in the box. Your shoes are under the desk. The hospital is between the mall and the park. My computer is on the table. Your sweater in above the bed. The store is across the street. They are playing at the park.

How do you use place in a sentence?

‘On’ is another important preposition of place to know. It is used when we want to say that one thing is in physical contact with another and supported by it. For example: The basketball is on the roof. Hurry up, dinner is on the table! His hat is on his head. ’To’ is another common preposition of place.

How are prepositions used in English grammar?

Prepositions are often used together with verbs (e.g. get on ). We explain this use of prepositions over at Phrasal Verbs. The following table provides and overview of the most common prepositions of time in English grammar along with information on usage and examples. I’m on holiday as of/from tomorrow. certain times (when?)

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