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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the kick-off times for Premier League matches?

Kick-offs are 15:00 for Saturdays and bank holidays unless stated otherwise. Please note fixtures are subject to change. Stay up to date on all the fixtures with the Premier League's digital calendar. Go to the fixtures page for club-by-club fixtures.

When are the Premier League fixtures for 8 February 2020?

As part of the mid-season player break, five Premier League fixtures assigned to 8 February 2020 will be moved to the weekend commencing 15 February 2020. Fixture Changes Explained Sync Fixtures To Calendar. All times shown are your local time.

Is integrity in the Premier League on a knife edge?

“A decision needs to be made to ensure integrity is maintained in the competition. I think it is on a knife edge. People want to see a fair league and not disparity in games and players missing. I’m desperate to continue the programme myself but the welfare of the players and supporters has to come first.”

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