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Frequently Asked Questions

How to enable mixed reality in power app?

First we’ll create a blank new Power App. Mixed reality features are in preview and therefore we have to enable them. It can be done on Settings -> Advanced settings -> Experimental features. Mixed Reality section now appears into the Insert menu. The whole idea idea of mixed reality is to show 3D (or 2D) models in the real environment.

Does Pepsi use mixed reality in power apps?

G&J Pepsi, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, has more than 1,600 employees focused on manufacturing, distributing, and marketing the full line of Pepsi-Cola products. They see mixed reality in Power Apps as a tool to visualize placement of promotional materials and refrigeration equipment at vendor sites.

What can I do with the view in mixed reality?

View images and 3D content in the real world with the View in mixed reality control. Measure distance, area, and volume with the Measure in mixed reality control. Create and view predefined 3D shapes with the View shape in mixed reality control.

How will augmented reality impact the future of Power Apps?

With hundreds of millions of Augmented Reality capable mobile devices in the hands of business users, every maker will be able to leverage the power of mixed reality to extend their Power Apps with the ease of drag-and-drop development.

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