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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy cannabis seeds in US?

Buy Marijuana Seeds With Delivery To United States. Our company Mary Jane's Garden is located in Amsterdam of the Netherlands and is also referred to as Dutch is legal to ship you cannabis seeds to the United States as well as other countries in the entire world.

How do you grow marijuana seeds?

Once you can see the root and shoot, plant the seeds on their sides in the growing medium of your choice. Make a small hole ready for them rather than forcing them in with your fingers. Plant them about half an inch (1.25cm) deep, cover them gently with the growing medium and give them water, but not too much.

What is autoflowering cannabis?

Autoflowering cannabis is the third and smallest specie of the cannabis genus, which includes cannabis Sativa and cannabis Indica, this third specie is also called cannabis ruderalis / autoflower / auto cannabis / automatic cannabis.

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