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Frequently Asked Questions

What is policytech and why should you use it?

Healthcare, financial, life sciences and industrial manufacturing organizations all use PolicyTech to easily run audit-ready reports, keep documents up-to-date and manage risk across their organization.

How do I contact policytech?

If you've got a burning question right now, just call us at 1-866-297-0224. PolicyTech enables organizations to improve efficiency and provide employees with easy access to all the policies and procedures that they need.

What is the localization module for policytech?

The Localization Module for PolicyTech manages it all for you so you can maintain complete control of the process. Ensure compliance in each end user’s native language. The Localization Module enables policy writers across the globe to contribute.

What is the best policy management software for hospitals?

The American Hospital Association exclusively endorses PolicyTech, NAVEX Global's Policy & Procedure Management Software. PolicyTech’s seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365® allows updates to existing policies and documents without the need to download documents or upload changes.

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