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Frequently Asked Questions

How does PolicyGenius compare life insurance policies?

Policygenius now shares the starting rates for life insurance policies depending on the amount of coverage and the term you pick. When you’re ready, click next: compare insurers. Next, Policygenius shows you rate quotes for multiple insurers based on the variables you’ve picked.

How does PolicyGenius keep its customers?

But it only took a few minutes to understand Policygenius has used its resources to keep customers, not just acquire them, by offering a variety of products, well-known brands and different levels of touchpoints based on customer research. Using Policygenius doesn’t bypass Clark’s primary criterion for selecting a term life insurance company.

What is policypolicygenius?

Policygenius is an unaffiliated insurance broker, which helps users find the right policy for them and redirects them to their website. They offer an online tool which presents your best insurance options based on your specific information.

How does PolicyGenius make money?

Policygenius makes money by referring you to the insurers. In essence, the insurers pay Policygenius. The actual cost of the insurance you’re shopping for will vary based on several factors including: Type of insurance. Amount of coverage desired. Risk factors. Several other variables. Using a free service like this shouldn’t cause any issues.

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