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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to see Polaris?

While the majority of the celestial sky is visible on both hemispheres, you are not able to see Polaris on the south pole, since Polaris is pointing directly towards the north pole.

Is Polaris part of the Little Dipper?

Polaris is located in the constellation Ursa Minor, which contains the group of stars that make up the “Little Dipper.” Polaris is the star in the end of the Little Dipper handle. Often, however, the Little Dipper is not very bright and can be challenging to find.

What is Polaris in astronomy?

Polaris is a star in Ursa Minor that also known as the North Star and marks a location near the celestial north pole (NCP) which is found by most astronomers by finding Polaris, thus polaris can be used for polar alignment in the northern hemisphere.

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