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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes point Brugge café so special?

Point Brugge Café opened in the Point Breeze neighborhood of Pittsburgh’s East End in January 2005. Its Belgian-inspired cuisine, fresh ingredients and reasonable pricing made it an instant hit with the neighborhood and beyond. Point Brugge is consistently rated one of the top restaurants in the area by major publications and social media sites.

What is Park Bruges?

Park Bruges opened on Bryant Street in February 2011 with the goal of bringing the same energy, enthusiasm and good food to family-friendly Highland Park. Some have termed it a cousin to Point Brugge, rather than an identical twin.

What's on the menu at the Bruges restaurant?

Dinner Menu 1 Classic - Bruges Frites, stock gravy, cheese curds $12 2 Shortrib - Bruges Frites, stock gravy, cheese curds, pickled peppers $ 15 $ 13 Macaroni & Cheese Rich blend of gouda and white cheddar $ 13 $ 17 Crab Cakes ... 3 Classic Version – gruyere, rosemary ham, crème fraiche, caramelized onions $15

Are the mussels at point Brugge good?

We've eaten at Point Brugge over the years and almost always order the Mussels. We've never been disappointed until this evening. The portion was reduced, the price has increased which would not normally be a big issue but the flavor was gone. The sauce was watery and tasteless.

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