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Frequently Asked Questions

What does PLM stand for?

What does PLM stand for? Product lifecycle management (PLM) refers to managing the data and processes used to design, engineer, manufacture, sell, service, and dispose of a product. PLM initially helped engineers collaborate on their product designs and manage information through the entire product value chain.

What is the advantage of using PLM?

Benefits of PLM. Using a PLM system to manage product data and integrate and automate business processes generally results in efficiency improvements, which consequently enable companies to develop more new products, shorten time-to-market, reduce costs, increase productivity and improve the quality of products and procedures.

Do you know what PLM mean?

PLM stands for Product Lifecycle Management. It is the process of product development, from concept to finished product. All apparel companies (and in fact all product manufacturing companies) perform this process day to day in one way or another. “The most exciting feature of the PLM system is that it holds all product information in one place.”

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