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Frequently Asked Questions

What does PLM stand for?

PLM stands for Product lifecycle management. The PLM software is an information management system of an enterprise. The PLM system can integrate data, processes, business systems and, ultimately, people in an extended enterprise.

What is PLM used for?

PLM is associated with manufacturing, but the management structure can also be used for software development and service provision.

What is the advantage of using PLM?

Managing Automation presents the benefits of PLM as: PLM helps reduce the cost of a product. PLM helps bring better products to market faster, and enables better support of customers' use of products. PLM enables the value of a product to be maximized over its lifecycle. PLM provides transparency about what is happening over the product lifecycle.

What exactly is PLM?

Product lifecycle management (PLM) is the process of managing complex product information, engineering and manufacturing workflows, and collaboration. PLM software connects people, processes, and data across the entire product lifecycle to a central repository of information.

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