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Frequently Asked Questions

What does plasticity do?

Plasticity, the adaptive reorganization of cellular structures and connections between cells, plays an important role in recovery from central nervous system (CNS) injury and disease. It can be observed at systems, microanatomical, cellular, and molecular levels using various experimental techniques.

What is the definition of plasticity?

Plasticity is the propensity of a material to undergo enduring deformation under load when compressed. It is the quality or state of being plastic; especially the capacity for being molded or altered. The plasticity of a material is directly proportional to the ductility and malleability of the material.

What are the different types of plasticity?

Phenotypic plasticity refers to some of the changes in an organism's behavior, morphology and physiology in response to a unique environment. Fundamental to the way in which organisms cope with environmental variation, phenotypic plasticity encompasses all types of environmentally induced changes (e.g. morphological, physiological, behavioural, phenological) that may or may not be permanent ...

What is plasticity Quizlet?

what is plasticity quizlet? Plasticity. When neurons are changing and the actual physical structure of the brain changes due to experiences. E.g there is more plasticity in a child's brain than an adult's. Developmental Plasticity. The change our brains go through as a result of normal growth and development.

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