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Frequently Asked Questions

How can planetplanet home lending help you?

Planet Home Lending will assign you a single point of contact that will guide you through your options and help you during a difficult period. As all state and federal agencies recommend, the most important thing you can do if you are having trouble making the payments is to call your mortgage loan servicer.

Where do I Send my Planet Home lending checks?

Planet Home Lending, LLC P.O. Box 69197 Baltimore, MD 21264-9197. Overnight Courier address: Planet Home Lending, LLC 321 Research Parkway Suite 303 Meriden, CT 06450. If your check or money order does not include your address and a telephone number where we may call you if necessary, please include this information with your check or money order.

Does planetplanet home lending have compassion for school employees and SE Truckers?

Planet Home Lending has no compassion towards School Employees and SE Truckers who had to use the Forbearance. Our thoughts are with anyone affected by COVID-19, and we appreciate you contacting us.

Why Melody Rose at Planet Home lending?

From the moment I began my home buying process, Melody Rose at Planet Home Lending was on top of every detail. Her high level of attention made me feel like I was her only client! When I ran into a few hiccups, Melody was quick to trouble shoot and offer an option that was even better than we were working on.

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