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Frequently Asked Questions

What is planetplanet home lending's loan Solution Center?

Planet Home Lending has an Online Loan Solution Center that is a user friendly online tool that provides borrowers with an automated process when applying for homeowner assistance.

What does planet home lending mean when we say “we will get you home?

At Planet Home Lending, we want to make sure you get the right home loan for your financial goals. Whether it’s purchase or refinance, cash-out or remodel, we offer great loan products, excellent service, and a dedication to your needs that doesn’t end at closing. That’s what we mean when we say, “We’ll get you home.”

Why do I need to cooperate with planet home lending?

If your property is currently listed with a real estate agent, we require a third party authorization form containing the agent's name and contact information. You must cooperate and allow Planet Home Lending, LLC access to the interior of your property to enable us to determine an appraised value.

What is planetplanet home livings?

Planet Home Livingsm Planet Home Living is a full service real estate and development company dedicated to the creation of unparalleled living environments, specific to the individual and unique lifestyle of each homebuyer. “Our passion for environmental architecture and craftsmanship that will stand the test of time.

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