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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to get scammed using PayPal?

You can be scammed by believing communication to come from PayPal when it's fake, which then harvests your login and account details. You can be misdirected to a fake PayPal website. Fraudsters can use unverified PayPal accounts to filter money from fake listings.

Is sending money via PayPal safe?

For the most part, PayPal is safe when you use it to send money. Nothing is completely risk-free—glitches and data breaches are possible anywhere. But PayPal is a reputable company with enough security and consumer protection in place to keep you relatively safe online.

Is PayPal a MasterCard?

The PayPal Prepaid MasterCard® is a prepaid card that allows you to instantly load funds from your PayPal account right to your card. It can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Can I get scammed by using PayPal with Craigslist?

In the Craigslist PayPal scam, the cyber crook is using the popularity and safety of PayPal payments to lure you in. But there are a number of ways they can try to steal your money with this PayPal Craigslist scam. One common theme is that the fake buyer only wants to pay through PayPal, no other way.

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