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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to PayPal?

Paypal Login Step-by-step Instructions Go to Paypal’s home page at and click on the oval “Log In” button in the top, right hand corner. You can also reach the site’s direct sign in page. Type the email address you used to sign up for Paypal into the top box that says “Email”.

How can I contact PayPal?

1 Log into PayPal. Navigate to the PayPal login page and enter your username and password. 2. Go to the Contact page. Scroll to the bottom of the Account Summary page and look for the "Contact" link at the bottom of that page. 3. Click on the Call Us link. Look for the "Call Us" link near the top of the Help Center main page.

How do I get Free Money on my PayPal account?

Join a website named SurveySpot. At SurveySpot you can earn free paypal money by taking simple online surveys. The sign up for the website is very simple and the rewards available are endless. Only take surveys that have a point value.

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