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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to PayPal?

Paypal Login Step-by-step Instructions Go to Paypal’s home page at and click on the oval “Log In” button in the top, right hand corner. You can also reach the site’s direct sign in page. Type the email address you used to sign up for Paypal into the top box that says “Email”.

How do I pay my PayPal credit card bill?

Pay with credit / debit card: You can pay most bills with your Paypal Mastercard. Simply pay online with your biller and enter the Mastercard number printed on the front of your Paypal card.

Can I pay the bill with PayPal?

How to Pay Bills With PayPal Sign up for a PayPal Debit Card. PayPal offers several options for paying your bills online, though the simplest way is to sign up for a PayPal Cash debit card. Paying Bills and Invoices with PayPal. Many companies let you pay your bills on their websites with your debit card. ... Limits on Spending. ... PayPal Credit. ...

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