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Frequently Asked Questions

Did Paulo Costa beat Yoel Romero at UFC 241?

The middleweight showdown between Yoel Romero and Paulo Costa had a sense of "blink and you'll miss it" ahead of UFC 241. The knockout may not have come, but it wasn't for lack of trying on the part of either man. In the end, Costa took a close (and controversial) decision in a fight that will enter into many Fight of the Year lists.

What were the results of the fight between Diego Costa and Yoel Romero?

After the fight went the distance, the judges awarded the fight to Costa by scores of 29-28 across the board, a decision met with a decidedly mixed reaction from the fans in attendance. Costa entered the fight ranked No. 7 in the middleweight division while Romero sat at No. 2.

Who did Yoel Romero beat between these two bouts?

Between these two bouts Romero beat Luke Rockhold ( Yoel Romero vs Luke Rockhold ). His opponent, the undefeated black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu Paulo Henrique Borrachinha Costa, has a perfect record of 12-0-0 ( 100% finishing rate) and he entered as the No.13 in the same weight class.

What happened in the Tomero vs Romero fight?

Tomero is doing a good job of rolling with shots and covering up but Costa is still landing some. Romero with a jumping knee that has Costa in full retreat! Now Romero has Costa up against the fence but a knee to the groin drops Romero and the fight is stopped.

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