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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Denzel Washington divorcing his wife Pauletta?

In 2013, there were reportedly pictures of Denzel kissing another woman, spurning rumors that the couple was headed for divorce. Both Denzel and Pauletta denied the rumors, but acknowledged that marriage can be a lot of work.

How old is Pauletta Washington now?

Pauletta Washington was born Pauletta Pearson on September 28, 1950, in North Carolina, the United States. She has a sister, Rita Pearson, who is also an actress. Pauletta and Denzel Washington first met in 1977 on the sets of the television film ‘Wilma’.

Will Denzel and Pauletta have another 30 years of marriage?

With faith and positivity, Denzel and Pauletta continue to combat the climbing divorce rate in the African American community. Maybe with this latest divorce rumor, the couple will see another 30 years of marriage. Calling all HuffPost superfans!

Who is Pauletta Pearson?

In 1970, Pauletta Pearson participated in the Miss North contest, becoming the first black participant in the show. She finished as the first runner-up in the competition. Prior to her marriage, she had appeared in a number of small roles on the small and the big screen.

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