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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Paul Tudor Jones trading rules that led to success?

With such legendary track record, it pays to find out what are Paul Tudor Jones trading rules that brought him much success. 1. When you are trading size, you have to get out when the market lets you out, not when you want to get out. The old high was at 56.80, there are probably going to be a lot of buy stops at 56.85.

What happened to Paul Tudor Jones in 1987?

Discover Professional Price Action Strategies That Work So You Can Profit In Bull & Bear Markets—Without Indicators, News, Or Opinions On October 1987, the financial markets collapsed. It’s a devastating month for both traders and investors. But not for Paul Tudor Jones… That same month, he made an incredible return of 62 percent.

Was Paul Tudor Jones'nine-figure score on BAC Monday the most spectacular?

Paul Tudor Jones cemented his reputation with a nine-figure score on B ack Monday. actually slightly net long equity. "It was one of the most spectacular moves any trader has ever made," says New Orleans cotton broker Eli Tullis, Jones's earliest benefactor.

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