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Frequently Asked Questions

What is pastel clothing?

Pastel clothing should not be confused with a nu style that blends Japanese styles with goth and 1990’s grunge. This style became popular around 2010 and mixes pastel colors with the classic elements of dark goth. It is the most exciting thing in alternative fashion recently and is also known as soft grunge.

How do pastel goth women dress?

Most women who dress in pastel goth clothing also follow other alternative lifestyle trends such as having tattoos and piercings . Nose, lip, tongue, septum, bellybutton, and eyebrow piercings are all common for pastel goth women style.

Where can I buy emo clothing?

Emo Clothing is all about the music. RebelsMarket has a variety of emo and hardcore punk-inspired clothing. If you have been at a loss as to where that you can find the vintage band tees and bottoms that go beyond just skinny jeans, then you have landed at the solution to all your Emo clothing needs.

What to wear as an emo girl?

Studded jeans are an essential part of any emo look. RebelsMarket has them in all sizes. A basic pair of skinny jeans can pair well with a studded belt. If you are looking for cute cosplay style dresses, you don't need to shop on RebelsMarket.

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