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Frequently Asked Questions

What is formal attire for girls?

The All-Important Dress. Fashion etiquette experts suggest that formal evening gowns and dresses are the appropriate attire for women at black-tie events, but the choice of how long or short the dress is depends on the wearer and occasion.

How should teenagers dress?

Dressy-Casual Wedding. Teen girls can opt for a casual shirt dress in a soft color like sage or dusty rose or pair a simple lace blouse with a pencil or A-line skirt. Ballet flats and simple gold or silver earrings and a leather clutch complete the look.

What is casual party attire?

Dressy casual is a form of attire that involves a slightly more elegant style of normal casual wear, such as dress slacks and a sport coat or blazer. This form of dress is more casual than that associated with a cocktail party. Dressy casual attire is often associated with an informal party or dinner at a nice restaurant.

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