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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you set up Pandora Radio?

Click "Create a New Station" on the Pandora home page. The service will prompt you to enter an artist, song or composer name to create a station. Depending on what you choose, the service will play music related to your selection.

How do I get my radio station on Pandora?

Steps Open the Pandora app. Tap My Stations. Tap Create a Station. Type the name of an artist, genre or track. Tap Search. Scroll down to view suggestions based on your search. Tap an artist. Tap the "Thumbs Up" icon. Tap the "Thumbs Down" icon. Tap ^ to get more information about the song or artist. Tap the the "Back" arrow (<). Tap My Stations.

Does Pandora really want to own radio stations?

The main reason Pandora wanted to own the station was to skirt around the ASCAP fees by saying it should be charged the same fees as radio stations - not a pure-play streaming company - now that it was a broadcaster. That did not work out. The Oxenford letter says Pandora is "reevaluating its broadcast strategy."

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