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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Panda Express pay hourly?

You get employment at panda express on an hourly or permanent basis. Each term of employment comes with its own benefits. The average pay for an hourly basis is $16.50 while those on a permanent basis is $32,175 per year. According to many, that seems to be fair enough.

What does Panda Express Pay?

Unfortunately the pay is biweekly. You're paid every two weeks. Panda Express starting wage is $10.50 and you can always move up so increasing your salary. Hours are good but can be grueling, often I would work 21 hours a weekend.

How fattening is Panda Express?

Panda Express is not healthy at all for people with hypertension. Most of the dishes take almost the recommended daily sodium intake. Many do not read their high blood pressure so they do not know if it harms them or not.

How many employees does Panda Express have?

Panda Express is the biggest Chinese fast food restaurant chain in the United States. Famous for its orange chicken and chow mein, it has over 1800 locations and 27,000 employees around the world.

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