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Frequently Asked Questions

What is palacechat 4?

And meet new people everyday. For the old 'The Palace' users, PalaceChat 4 is the new software fully compatible with 'The Palace' server, Capable of higher quality and amazing new content and more to come.

What is the palace?

The Palace is a computer program to access graphical chat room servers, called palaces, in which users may interact with one another using graphical avatars overlaid on a graphical backdrop. The software concept was originally created by Jim Bumgardner and produced by Time Warner in 1994, and was first opened to the public in November 1995.

Where can I find Palace Chat servers and clients?

Many chat servers are still operating and can be found on the Palace Portal Live Directory. Palace clients and servers are available for Mac OS 9, Mac OS X, Linux, and Microsoft Windows .

What is the difference between a château and a Palais?

In France there has been a clear distinction between a château and a palais. The palace has always been urban, like the Palais de la Cité in Paris, which was the royal palace of France and is now the supreme court of justice of France, or the palace of the Popes at Avignon .

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