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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the palace guest commands?

For the list of which commands are available on the specific server you are connected to, use the `help command. Commands can start with either the Backquote character ( ` ) or the Single Quotation Mark character ( ' ). The following table lists the Palace guest commands.

What are the special commands in Palace?

All special commands consist of text typed into the Input Box, and most of them begin with a single quote (' ). Although the special commands available may vary from site to site, you can see the standard list in the section Palace Command Summary. Sometimes, you will visit a Palace site where the operator lets you create your own room.

What is the default rank for Palace commands?

The default is 1. Sets the rank of the command to the specified setting. Displays each Palace command and its current rank. Modifications via 'setrank are shown in paranthesis.

What server plugins are available for Avatar Palace?

The most popular of these is the Plugall server plugin, which adds over 50 new member, operator, and owner commands. Other plugins may also include additional commands. To learn more about server plugins and associated commands, visit the Avatar Palace Plugins website.

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