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Frequently Asked Questions

Why shop at fossil outlets?

Our online outlet stores give you all of the variety and service of our in-person stores, so you can enjoy free engraving and embossing however you like to shop. If you shop at Fossil outlets, then you already know about the great handbags, messenger bags, totes and other high-quality accessories and timepieces to choose from.

Can you buy a Fossil watch as a gift?

Gift giving can be stressful and complicated, but Fossil outlet stores are here to help. Stocked with a variety of small leather accessories, watches, handbags and more great items, a Fossil watch outlet store is a great place to find the perfect thing to give to a special recipient on any occasion.

Why choose a freedomfossil outlet store?

Fossil outlet stores offer designs that echo our signature trademarks of authenticity and minimalist-but-bold aesthetics, but with an even better price tag. Shop the outlet store selection online—or at one of our outlet stores in person—and you'll see exactly what we mean.

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