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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best outlet cover?

The Wappa Baby Outlet Covers do both and they're our top pick for the best outlet cover. These outlet plug covers are made of non-toxic ABS plastic, which has electrical insulation properties, and the white finish expertly conceals the holes of the socket (which are often a major draw for little fingers).

Are outlet covers safe?

Non-metal outlet and switch covers are among the safest because they help insulate you from energized wiring and devices, especially in areas where there is a high probability of exposure to grounded sources, such as the bathroom and kitchen where water and sinks are found. The Following will assist you with your Electrical Safety Question:

How do you cover an electrical outlet?

Spread joint compound over the patch with a drywall knife. Lay two pieces of paper drywall tape on the vertical joints on the sides of the patch. Cut the tape long enough to cover the horizontal joints on the top and bottom and position the two pieces so they meet in the center. Scrape the tape flat with the knife.

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