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Frequently Asked Questions

When is season 3 of Outer Banks?

Outer Banks season 3 release date According to the report from Small Screen, the source said Outer Banks season 3 would be released sometime in mid-2022. This is exactly when we were expecting the new season to be released. We’ve been saying that Outer Banks season 3 should be released in July 2022.

Who plays John B. in Outer Banks?

John Booker Routledge, otherwise known as " John B ", is the main protagonist in Outer Banks. He is portrayed by Chase Stokes. He is the charismatic leader of the Pogues crew.

Who is Chase Stokes girlfriend?

Chase Stokes is currently dating his girlfriend, Madelyn Cline. He confirmed that he is dating his on-screen girlfriend and co-star through an Instagram post in June 2020. The actors first met while auditioning for their roles As John B and Sarah Cameron in the hit series and had incredible chemistry while playing each other’s love interests.

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