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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you organize your 4K osu mania maps?

I have recently taken it upon myself to create a complete list of every ranked and loved 4K osu!mania map. All maps are organized by star rating. The first column lists name of the artist. The second column includes the name of the song, which is also hyperlinked to a download of the beatmap.

Does the 4K mod work with OSU?

The 4K mod only works with maps converted from osu! standard, and maps like that generally aren't very fun to play. mrekk | Yamajet feat.

Where can I download Mania ranked Maps?

You can try mylittleosu (type "beatmap download manager" on the forum). You can download all mania ranked maps in like, one click (though you have to write your un + password in the software, but that should be secure as the software doesn't come from the deepweb or something).

Is there a 4K pack for StepMania?

There is only one 4k pack on the website and I've already played all the ones at my level make sure you have all ranked maps. If you do, then has stepmania converts aplenty.

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