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Frequently Asked Questions

How many beatmaps do you have currently on OSU?

To see how many mapsets you have go to osu! folder and see how many folders you have in /songs Or you could just hit space when you search for a song in game and the number of results is the number of songs you have. I currently have over 30,000 beatmaps. Not been keeping up with the new beatmaps lately though.

What are some easy beatmaps for an absolute beginner?

What are some easy beatmaps for an absolute beginner ... Live Most beginner maps are pretty similar so I would recommend looking up your favourite songs on the website (search using the "beatmap" field at the top). You should also check the date the map was created - I personally don't like really old maps like ones made before ...

How to install OSU maps?

To manually import a beat map in to osu !, follow the following instructions: Find your Songs direc to ry. Locate where osu !.app (your Wineskin) is install ed. Right click on it and select S how Package Contents. You should now see three files/folders: Contents, drive_c and Wineskin. Click drive_c.

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