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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the opposite of "give freedom"?

Antonyms for give freedom include arrest, bind, capture, catch, confine, conquer, constrain, detain, enslave and ensnare. Find more opposite words at!

What is the antonym for freedom?

According to the Collins Thesaurus, the most likely antonym for "freedom" is "slavery.". However, because the word "freedom" has a complex and nuanced meaning, concepts like "dependence" or "limitation" may also be considered its opposite.

What is a synonym of freedom?

Synonym Discussion of freedom. freedom, liberty, license mean the power or condition of acting without compulsion. freedom has a broad range of application from total absence of restraint to merely a sense of not being unduly hampered or frustrated.

What are some other words for freedom?

Another word for freedom. noun. Departure from normal rules or procedures: liberty, license. See restraint. The state of not being in confinement or servitude: emancipation, liberation, liberty, manumission. See free. The condition of being politically free: autonomy, independence, independency, liberty, self-government, sovereignty.

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