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Frequently Asked Questions

When is opening day for deer season?

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The opening day of Modern gun deer hunting season is fast approaching on November 13. The deer harvest for 2019 was the lowest it’s been in years, but now hunters can expect plenty of big game and lots of competition.

When does deer season start?

The mule deer hunting season begins in August or September and lasts until the end of the season in November or December. Because of this, the deer hunting season begins in the fall. For a variety of reasons, the fall season is the best time to begin deer hunting.

When is deer season in NY?

If one considers the necessary pre-season scouting, which most of us enjoy almost as much as actual hunting, then the whitetail season spans a solid three months, from mid-September to mid-December. We hunt deer for a quarter of the entire year. Deer season was not always this way.

When is youth deer season in NY?

NY Youth Firearm Deer Season Scheduled For Oct. 6-8. Junior hunters ages 14 and 15 may participate in the special October 6-8 season. In the Northern and Southern Zones of New York, youth hunters may take a deer of either sex, as long as they have a big game license and are accompanied by a licensed adult.

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