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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between often and oftentimes?

Oftentimes is an adverb that can also be shortened to often as a synonym for frequently. Often times is not an equivalent adverb phrase. Often and oftentimes have the same meaning. Often is generally preferred. Often times does not have the same meaning.

What is the meaning of often of ten times?

of·ten·times  (ô′fən-tīmz′, ôf′tən-, ŏf′ən-, ŏf′tən-)also oft·times(ôf′tīmz′, ŏf′-) adv. Frequently; repeatedly.

What is the meaning of frequently in a sentence?

Oftentimes is an adverb that means frequently or commonly occurring. It is considered somewhat quaint, though this quaintness can be a useful tool to add an antique weight to your writing. Here are a few examples: Oftentimes, Henry can be found drinking away his day’s wages at the saloon on his way home from the coal mine.

Is the word “ oftentimes” archaic?

(The Oxford Dictionaries Online note that oftentimes is archaic or North American.) In your example, then, either word is fine—you could substitute frequently or many times and see that the grammaticality of the sentence is preserved.

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