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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when you are offline in teams?

FYI— Offline is what you are when you’re not signed into Teams. It’s not a status in Teams that you set, but it is a presence status ( ) that you might see in a chat or channel conversation. To change your status, tap Menu . Then, tap your status to view your options.

What are the teams presence status timings (away/offline)?

As far as I remember, Away is 5 minutes, Offline is when you are Offline. For example if you use the Mobile app then you are generally not offline ever. Aug 11 2021 07:12 AM Aug 11 2021 07:12 AM Re: What are the Teams presence status change timings (away / offline)? Offline will follow after away.

What are the status options in Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams currently comes with the following status options: In a new update, which is now available for everyone, you can finally change your presence to appear ‘offline’. You can use the ‘offline’ mode feature’ to indicate that you’re not available for conversation or calls.

Does teteams automatically change the status when a user is offline?

Teams changes the status automatically if a user is away or offline. But can you help me out with the timings of these automatic changes for being away and being offline. Aug 11 2021 07:03 AM

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