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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I Self check in for jury duty in Orange County?

The juror self-check-in is available at all courthouse locations that conduct jury trials. Employees of the Orange County Superior Court and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department will never ask past or prospective jurors for information regarding cash cards, credit cards, bank accounts or social security numbers.

Are You qualified to be a juror in Orange County?

If you are not 18 years of age, you are not qualified to serve as a trial juror. If you are no longer a resident of Orange County, you will need to tell us where you now reside. The Jury Commissioner’s Office receives its list of names from the Orange County Registrar of Voters List and the California DMV.

How long does the average jury trial take in Orange County?

The average jury trial in Orange County takes up to 5 court days to complete. Jury trials do not always take place on consecutive days and they may take 2 business weeks or more to complete.

How to contact the Office of the jury commissioner?

Please dial 657-622-7000 to contact the Office of the Jury Commissioner. Jury Services E-mail. A message may be sent to Jury Services from this website. Enter the requested information in the online form. Be sure to complete the form thoroughly and accurately so that we may locate your information quickly.

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