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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of court order search forms?

Order Search Calendar Court Forms Search #1: Forms by Court Type Court Type: All Court TypesAppellateAlternative Dispute ResolutionCommon PleasFamily CourtGeneral SessionsMagistrateMagistrate/MunicipalMunicipalProbate Court

Which forms are required to be used by the court?

All Forms. Forms marked with the asterisk ("*") are adopted for mandatory use by all courts. What Is Proof of Service? Application to Set Aside Right to Attach Order and Release Attached Property, Etc.

What is a 30-2015-00123456 form?

Example: 30-2015-00123456 (Court code -year- eight digit case number) Question must be from the attorney or party on the case. E-mail advising the court of possible oversights may be sent. Responses to notes may not be emailed or attached to the e-mail message.

How do I schedule an appointment in Orange County Superior Court?

The Orange County Superior Court is offering an online scheduling tool for self-represented litigants to schedule brief, in-person appointments with Self-Help Services at the Lamoreaux Justice Center, located at 341 The City Drive South, Orange, CA 92868.

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