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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be a call in juror?

Call-in Jurors receive a summons that instructs them to call our office after 5:00 p.m. on a Friday. As a Call-in Juror, you may be instructed to call the recording every day, beginning on your summons day, a Friday, and continuing for no more than 5 court days.

Where can I Self check in for jury duty in Orange County?

The juror self-check-in is available at all courthouse locations that conduct jury trials. Employees of the Orange County Superior Court and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department will never ask past or prospective jurors for information regarding cash cards, credit cards, bank accounts or social security numbers.

How do I call in for jury reporting instructions?

For Jury Reporting Instructions call: (657) 622-8229 (recorded information) This is call-in information for jurors with a summons dated Friday, October 18, 2019.

How do I request an excuse to be a call-in juror?

If any of the below apply, please click Excuse on the Juror Instructions page. If Step 2 on your summons instructs you to call for instructions, you are a call-in juror.

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