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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NX and XD?

NX/XD is a BIOS setting. NX is the AMD “No Execute”. XD is the Intel “Execute Disabled”. They mark memory pages as data-only to prevent malicious software exploits and buffer overflow attacks. After ESXESXi 3.X or later NX and XD are exposed to the to guest operating system by default.

What is a NX transaction?

Nx Realtime Transactions. NCPDP developed a set of transactions that provides a record of a payment, by a plan supplemental to Part D, to a Part D Plan. The transaction set utilized is the Information Reporting Transaction (aka Nx Transaction). This transaction can be utilized for multiple types of information reporting, however,...

What is Nikon Capture NX?

Capture NX is imaging software developed by Nik Software for Nikon that allow users to edit photos taken with their Nikon cameras. The software uses U Point technology, also developed by Nik Software, where the user can immediately edit a specific area of an image by using Control Points options, without the need to work on a layer-by-layer basis.

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