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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the trace numbers worksheets for?

These trace numbers worksheets meet the Common Core standard for writing to 20, but are specifically created for practice forming and tracing numbers 1-20. Use them from the first worksheet to the last one, working up from just tracing 5 numbers for beginners (or those with very short attention spans!) to tracing all the numbers.

Can you trace only odd numbers 1-20?

Like salt and pepper, this trace numbers 1-20 worksheet with only odd numbers that can be traced goes hand in hand with the trace the even numbers worksheet. Great for your lessons about counting by 2s, kids count by ones from 1-20, then trace only the dashed line numbers. Kids can count by 2s, too!

How many numbers do not need to be traced?

With only 5 numbers that don’t need to be traced, this trace numbers 1-20 page can be used for kids who aren’t ready to trace quite all the numbers yet. Count and trace all the numbers 1-20 on this worksheet. Use as classroom practice for all students, fast finishers, or several times a year for assessment purposes.

What is the best way to start tracing numbers?

Introduction to tracing numbers. It is important for all children to be able to properly write the numbers. Practice with Trace Numbers 1 20 is the easiest way to learn counting and reading numbers. Learn how to trace and count with this Trace Numbers 1 20. Free Printable Number Tracing Worksheet Trace and Write.

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