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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a job in NSW Health?

We recognise the importance of having a health workforce that is trained, organised and deployed creatively and intelligently to meet the changing needs of health consumers, carers and the wider population of New South Wales. NSW Health vacancies are advertised online. Additional opportunities may be found at Recruitment campaigns and initiatives .

How does the NSW Health online recruitment platform work?

The NSW Health online recruitment platform allows you to submit your application in a few easy steps and track your progress throughout the recruitment process. You can build a personal profile with your resume/Curriculum Vitae (CV) and copies of your qualifications and credentials, which can be used when applying for positions in the future.

What is NSW Health?

NSW Health offers a world class public health system providing a comprehensive range of health and health-related services across NSW.

What is the I work for NSW website?

The I work for NSW website is the search engine for vacancies within the NSW Government. Sign in with your agency login., Skip to content Skip to navigationSkip to content A NSW Government website I work for NSW menuOpenMenu login Sign in | Contact us Menu closeClose Menu Search

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