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Frequently Asked Questions

How many miles is the North Country National Scenic Trail?

Explore the 96.3 miles of North Country National Scenic Trail (NCNST) that meander through the historic lands of the Iroquois, the Allegheny Plateau, some of the most valuable black cherry and oak in the world, landscapes rich in history, wildlife, and natural beauty.

How many states does the North Country Trail cross?

The North Country Trail National Scenic Trail crosses seven northern states, from New York to North Dakota. This map shows a general overview of the trail.

Where can I camp along the North Country Trail?

Opportunities are available for camping along the North Country Trail in the Chequemegon-Nicolet National Forest, Brule River State Forest, county forests, Pattison and Copper Falls state parks and other public and private campgrounds. Campgrounds can vary from primitive walk-in campsites to facilities complete with electric hookups.

What is the North Country Trail Association?

The Trail winds through a diversity of north country landscapes from the rugged to the pastoral. The North Country Trail Association is the organization of volunteers dedicated to building this trail and telling its story. Almost 1500 miles of this national trail are located in the state of Michigan.

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