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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does north country healthcare Williams offer?

North Country HealthCare Williams provides comprehensive, one-stop healthcare to the residents and visitors of Williams. Urgent Care is open daily and the health center provides same-day appointments. Patients have access to an on-site laboratory for tests such as blood draws and drug testing, and on-site X-ray services.

Where is North Country Healthcare located?

North Country HealthCare provides comprehensive healthcare services to 13 communities across northern Arizona. Enter your zip code in the box below and select a radius range to find a location nearest you.

Why choose North Country healthcare Flagstaff?

North Country HealthCare Flagstaff is our largest facility conveniently located on 4th Street, where patients have access to extensive healthcare services. We are committed to improving the overall health and wellness of the community through services such as family medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, dental care and behavioral health.

Can I send a medical question to North Country healthcare via email?

North Country HealthCare takes every step possible to keep your health history private and addressing a medical question via email may put your privacy at risk. If you send a medical related question via email, we will not respond.

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