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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a payment to Northcountry Federal Credit Union?

Choose ‘Payments’ to set up your payment preferences. Make a payment at any NorthCountry branch during regular business hours. Mail your payment to: NorthCountry Federal Credit Union, PO Box 64709, Burlington, VT 05406. If you choose to mail your payment, please allow ample time for delivery.

How do I Reset my North Georgia credit union password?

If you have difficulty logging in, please click the Forgot your password link, call North Georgia Credit Union at 706-886-1441, or email us at [email protected] NOT send personally identifying information (i.e. Acct #, SS #, etc) in your email.

How do I transfer money from my Northcountry account to visa?

Use the “transfer” feature within online banking to move money from your NorthCountry checking or savings account to your Visa. Your payment will be credited the next business day. * Pay electronically with funds from an account at another financial institution.

What are the benefits of The Northcountry Visa card?

You'll get a low fixed rate, no annual, balance transfer, or cash advance fee, and your choice of rewards. It also comes with $0 liability for unauthorized purchases and the latest fraud prevention technology. Pair your NorthCountry Visa with a Kasasa ® Checking Account to earn Visa rewards.

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