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Frequently Asked Questions

How to find the cube root of non-perfect cube number?

Finding the cubic root of non-perfect cube number is a little complex process but can be mastered easily. To find the cube root of any number, we need to find a number which when multiplied three times by itself gives the original number. Let us learn here finding cube root using prime factorisation method and solved examples.

What is the definition of cube root in math?

Definition of. more ... The cube root of a number is a special value that, when used in a multiplication three times, gives that number. Example: 3 × 3 × 3 = 27, so the cube root of 27 is 3.

What is a perfect cube in math?

A perfect cube is defined as any number which is the cube of an integer. How to know if a number is a perfect cube? To check whether a number is a perfect cube, factorise the number first. If the factors of the number can be equally grouped in triples, the number is a perfect cube.

What is the cube root of 2?

Cube root of 2 is approximately equal to (1 + 1+2)/3 = 4/3 = 1.333.. Again 4 is a number, which is not a perfect cube. If we factorise it, we get:

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