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Frequently Asked Questions

What is function of smoke detector?

Smoke alarms have two main components: the sensor and the alarm. Both components play an important role in the overall purpose of the unit, which is to sense fires as soon as possible and alert anyone in the home so they can get out. These components are equally important.

Does a smoke detector notify the fire department?

The only way an unmonitored smoke detector will notify you of a fire is by loud, audible beeping. This works perfectly, if you happen to be on the property as the fire ignites. An unmonitored smoke detector does not notify the local fire department. If a fire breaks out, the smoke detector is practically useless.

Do you have the law required smoke detectors?

Smoke alarms are generally required in residential settings. Hard-wired smoke alarms are required in all new construction. Solely battery-operated smoke alarms must be powered by 10-year sealed batteries. State law allows 10-year battery-powered smoke alarms to replace hard-wired alarms in Level 1 renovations.

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